Rebranding in a constantly changing world.

April 4th, 2023
Article by
Nic Helme

There are many sayings about looks and beauty - it’s only skin deep and it lies in the eye of the beholder are two of them. ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ is one that sticks out to me and never more than in the last year or so and never more professionally so than with the Platinum Seed rebrand of 2022.

A change is as good as a holiday.

At some point during Covid-19 when the world had slowed a bit, we decided it was a good time to update our brand’s look and feel – and why not – the world and our company had changed a lot since 2009 when we opened our doors. 

That’s not to say we didn’t love our ‘original’ Platinum Seed branding, but with new team members, new clients and now a completely new remote work environment, if there was ever a time to update, that seemed to be it. 

And so, the Platinum Seed of a decade was changed to something completely different. If we were looking for a change, we got it.

The company you keep.

February 2022, Platinum Seed launches its new brand look: it’s bold, colourful and exciting, and undoubtedly digital. All good things. 

We rolled out a complete collateral overhaul from email signatures to social media imagery, and of course, a brand new website. 

The company was brimming with positive vibes and keen to show their face to the world with some shiny lipstick and eye shadow for days! 

But was it their face on show? Was it even the company’s? Was it a beautiful new and exciting facade with no real substance underneath? It’s not something a marketing agency (or anyone for that matter) wants to ask themselves… had we gone too far too quickly without considering what it all meant?

Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards. ― Søren Kierkegaard.

It’s always good to use a quote in an opinion piece, but another phrase also comes to mind here: hindsight is 20/20. 

Looking back on the rebranding of Platinum Seed 2022 there is a lot we can be proud of, and we are. But there are two things that came out of it that we are extremely grateful and proud of: 

1 – The learnings. 

Our rebrand gave us the opportunity to assess how we had gone about the process and highlighted two notable learnings for us: We never go into our client’s work without doing all of the thinking upfront (so why not with ours?), and we always tell our clients that in the digital world, the only constant is change (so embrace the ability to constantly evolve!). 

2 – The PS/ brand. 

It’s not easy to shout about something new only to have it not quite fit and ultimately have to be overhauled, again. However, we were not going to literally put our name on something that wasn’t right, that wasn’t Platinum Seed, that wasn’t ‘us’ – and so we looked back at what we had done, where we had come from, and how we approach every other aspect of our business; we think about everything, we consider the possibilities and create something unique as well as relevant. And that led us to something meaningful that truly represents all of Platinum Seed. 

In short.

We did a re-rebrand. 

While many might try to slip this by the many eyes of the internet, we are better for the journey and wiser for the experience – which are attributes we will always seek to stand by. 

We also found ourselves with new branding and a reinvigorated purpose that we all truly believe in and can get behind, because we are what we say we are: creative thinkers and thinking creatives. That is how we combine everything we are and everything we ever have been with where we are headed and who we are on this journey with. 

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