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A screening consultancy using a unique blend of artificial intelligence, social media and Anthropology.


Stephan Olivier

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Who is Farosian?

Farosian is a screening consultancy using a unique blend of artificial intelligence, social media and Anthropology – they provide their partners with a unique advantage with insightful and usable social and digital data to make stronger decisions.

What was the ask?

Farosian approached us with a budget for their new website, we assessed and identified an alternative solution that got them not only a website but an updated brand visual and positioning refresh as well – because, at Platinum Seed, we always take a holistic view of our clients’ requests and how they will impact the bigger picture.

How we delivered:

Using our team’s expertise and collective experience, we often advise our clients on an alternative route that we believe will bring them a greater business advantage against their spend.   

After a highly-collaborative workshop between our teams facilitated by Platinum Seed, we were able to truly understand their business and future goals allowing us to perfectly position them in moving towards them.

A new CVP, Messaging Hierarchy and Tone of Voice enabled them to communicate their core IP and offering in the right way to the right clients. We found a simple way to encode a complicated product and service with common misperceptions and potential pitfalls into a cohesive message that was much easier to understand considering the nature of the offering. Equally as important as the positioning and messaging, are the brand visuals that reinforce it – a future-forward tech company blending artificial and emotional intelligence with qualified human insight needs to look the part too. 

We didn’t scrap Farosian’s corporate identity, we simply evolved it naturally to bring it up to speed with what the founder/owners were establishing with their industry-leading product and service.

"The professionalism, approach, and communication were without fault and we felt that the...project as much as we care about our start-up."
- Sinėad Frampton | Chief Innovation Officer
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