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About Platinum Seed
The start of it all

Founded over a decade ago (and counting), Platinum Seed has gone through many changes in its run as an independent digital marketing agency.

From logos to mottos, colleagues to clients and even from offices to completely remote operations. At least one thing, however, has always remained constant...

The start of it all
The start of it all
Where we're growing

Platinum Seed is a trusted business partner continuously focused on the growth of everyone involved.

We believe in collaboration, rely on constructive input and aim for unparalleled quality and integrity of the work we produce. From websites to a single social post: we consider, we challenge, we create – but we always think first.

The start of it all
More than the sum of our parts, but our parts are pretty F*#KING awesome.
Kirsten Dewar headshotkirst.jpg

Kirsten Dewar

Managing Director with over a decade in the game and mother with 2 kids in the background.

Nic Helme headshotnic.jpg

Nic Helme

Creative Director with a passion for Lego, a love of music, and a cat.

Riaan Laubscher headshotriaan.jpg

Riaan Laubscher

Head of Development and lifetime member of the team - 14 years and counting...

Kylie Knapp headshotkylie.jpg

Kylie Knapp

Operations Manager with mad planning skills and the eye of the tiger.

Stefano Montanari headshotstefano.jpg

Stefano Montanari

Lead Web Developer, Product Owner and key force in the Creative/Thinking approach.

Karla Kelder headshotkarla.jpg

Karla Kelder

Lead Designer bringing great talent and considered creative to the world at large. A true designer.

Samantha Rose Kilian headshotsammy-k.jpg

Samantha Rose Kilian

Sammy used to be one of our youngest members, now she's just one of the best.

Maxine Van Zijl headshotmax.jpg

Maxine Van Zijl

Social Media Manager with a passion for digital possibilities and positive energy to spare.

Sam Bell headshotsam-b.jpg

Sam Bell

Digital Growth Manager with a youthful drive and buckets of talent on her side.

Jenna Flynn headshotjenna.jpg

Jenna Flynn

Client Service Director with a wealth of experience to go along with her capacious backstory.

The team
at Platinum Seed

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