Glenfiddich’s Independent Bar gives consumers their voice

May 10th, 2017
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“It is exciting that such a well-known brand is so willing to take on such a bold and creative project,” says Platinum Seed MD, Bradley Elliott. “Being able to engage with consumers in ways that were not possible before through innovative technology allowed the brand to forge closer bonds with its most loyal customers.”

The Independent Bar will be attended by customers signed up for Glenfiddich’s exclusive brand offerings.

Platinum Seed was tasked with managing the experiential campaign activation and the development of the voice-recognition application, which comprises a tablet, a microphone, a central processing unit, custom visualisation software and a consumer facing app developed. Guests speak into a custom audio device, their voices are captured, and an algorithm matches the voice frequencies to certain ingredients and criteria, creating the custom cocktail for the consumer.

“This activation is not about selling products to huge volumes of people, but is rather about radically changing the way customers engage with the brand,” Elliott said. “Through this campaign, Glenfiddich has delivered a functional system of thoughtful and connected experiences to establish a meaningful relationship with its customers, while introducing them to new ways to enjoy their favourite whisky.”

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