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Wealth Management

A US-based Robo-Financial-Advisor application targeting Silicon Valley enterprises with a holistic solution to the financial wellness of their staff.


Nic Helme

Stefano Montanari

Samantha Kilian

Who is BrightPlan?

BrightPlan is a US-based ‘Robo-Financial-Advisor’ application that plugs into a user’s financial data to produce accurate savings and investment recommendations through AI.

What was the ask?

We were originally approached to develop a go-to-market strategy, which comprised an acquisition platform build, product positioning, channel strategy, and nurturing campaigns. Since the completion of that portion of the partnership, we have gone on to become strategic, creative and production partners in all of their marketing efforts on both sides of their B2B and B2C business.

How we delivered:

We built a robust, modular platform and a lead sign-up ecosystem integrated with Hubspot, Salesforce, and the BrightPlan application. The acquisition platform serves users personalized content based on their unique choices and goals. All user behaviour is monitored and optimized with data-driven UX analysis using A/B testing & Hotjar. 

Beyond simply go-to-market, our UX and Design team work directly with the BrightPlan Product Team on new features and functionality for the Robo-Advisor itself.

In recent times, we have optimised pages across their site based on user data and trend analysis, as well as highly custom-built marketing tools unique to their offering such as Total Financial Wellness Calculators. We have produced in-depth market research documentation as well as performance-based landing pages to market them from. 

To date, our work with BrightPlan ranges from custom page builds and application extensions to eBook production and Wellness Centres, created with a large US-based team of varying requirements from product development, customer success and traditional marketing. 

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