Platinum Seed partners with BrightPlan

August 29th, 2017
Article by
Bradley Elliott

The partnership will kick off with Platinum designing and developing the user-experience and user interface for BrightPlan’s launch website. They will also be responsible for developing a go-to-market strategy for the product, a vital element of any SaaS start-ups arsenal.

Bradley Elliott, director at Platinum Seed says the project will demonstrate the agency’s ability to combine business consultancy expertise with creative digital skills, a rare combination that is increasingly in demand.

“It’s a great vote of confidence that a company on the other side of the world sees value in what we do,” he
says. “We’re in the fortunate position to have developed a solid understanding of how to take software-as-a- service products to market, which many creative agencies haven’t embraced yet.”

BrightPlan is an innovative “robo-advisor” application that plugs into users’ financial data to produce highly accurate savings and investment recommendations through artificial intelligence.

The integrated go-to-market strategy will include product positioning, channel strategy, and nurturing campaigns. It will showcase the ability of a South African agency to manage a sophisticated digital campaign for a US-based client with a purely online product.

“We work in a true global village,” Elliott says. “The cost of doing business across borders has been cut tremendously by communication and teleconferencing technology. We have reached a stage where partnering with the right business capabilities has become more compelling than choosing the geographically closest service provider.”

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