Valenture Institute
A school for the future, today

Riaan Laubscher

Nic Helme

Stefan Olivier

Who is Valenture?

Valenture is the first private online high school offering international IGCSE A and AS levels.

What was the ask?

Provide us with a go-to-market strategy that positions our unique offering and challenges the status quo. Create marketing collateral and a content strategy that resonates quality alongside our values to our niche audience.


Convince parents who attended physical schools that online schooling from home is the future and why it works better.

How we delivered:

After workshops to bring our team up to speed with the inner workings, benefits and target audiences of Valenture we brainstormed a positioning and a Brand Mantra to meet the ask from the client.

Our positioning: Valenture Institute. Think Outside the Classroom.

This was a play on “think outside the box” that challenged open-minded parents to think outside of the confines of the traditional classroom. We developed a Brand Mantra that could easily serve as a radio advertisement but its main purpose serves us internally to develop an expanded positioning or ethos from where we can build marketing collateral that connects on an emotional level.

At this stage, we had all the information and positioning elements to form a strong foundation to build our go-to-market strategy. Our GTM consisted of the following:

  1. Objectives, Problem Statement & Context

  2. Personas

  3. Value Proposition & Creative Platform

  4. Communication Strategy

    1. Content Marketing

    2. PR & Media

    3. Social Media

    4. Influencers

    5. Digital Media

    6. Open Evenings

    7. Partnerships

    8. Growth Hacks

  5. Rollout Plan

  6. Budget

The content strategy focussed not only on the type of content that covered the brand pillars relative to the audience but also focussed on how Valenture could leverage existing everyday happenings to create their own content – empowering them to produce cost-effective everyday content. An example of this was to create free lessons by recording classes that were already happening every day. This content would be free to access on their Youtube library and could help other students across the country.

In turn, they got scholars to see a new way of learning and this excitement for education would reach their parents, thereby creating inbound lead generation. We also helped them build a content library so that they could increase the ROI on content produced in clever ways for future content pieces.

We essentially took their brand world, and their products and services, and exploded it into a world of content and marketing possibilities. To top it all off, we shot some custom stock images and video content showing the Valenture lifestyle for a student and were able to use these in an array of marketing collateral, including their website and landing pages which PS also designed and built.

"I can't recommend the team at Platinum Seed enough – I've had the privilege of working with digital experts all over the world, and the team at Platinum Seed are world-class!"
- Rob Paddock | Valenture Founder