Property Management Ireland
Selling homes on the other side of the world

Nic Helme

Karla Kelder

Maxine van Zijl

Shannon van Zyl

Who is PMI?

One of Ireland's largest licensed property management, sales and lettings agents managing the communal areas of multi-unit developments and residential properties.

They also manage student villages in the Limerick region and cater for all colleges and higher-level institutes – they currently take care of over 1000 clients with a portfolio of over 1600 units.

What was the ask?

When we first met with PMI in 2019, they were looking for an agency to help them market their property management services on social media with a dual focus on ‘B2B’ owners and ‘B2C’ students/parents. We jumped at the opportunity to work with a great team on the other side of the world. 

How we delivered:

It was important for us to segment the audiences in order to accommodate their varying wants and needs – and therefore the content they would consume. We identified LinkedIn as the prime channel for B2B and Instagram for the B2C (we originally used Facebook for the parent angle but have since removed it after data reports showed minimal growth). 

Equally as important for us, was to define who this business was in the industry, so before we even got started on the social media content creation, management and community growth, we researched and created a holistic brand strategy complete with unique strapline. 

"We have found working with Platinum Seed an absolute pleasure! Even though we are located in different countries and in different time zones, Platinum Seed are always there to help."
- Helena Thompson