NAC Helicopters Social Media
Getting social at 25000ft

Sam Killian

Nic Helme

Maxine van Zijl

Who is NAC Helicopters?

Stemming from the National Airways Corporation, NAC Helicopters Cape Town is a premium luxury tour operator based in the V&A Waterfront. They offer passengers the opportunity to see the Mother City from a once-in-a-lifetime perspective and experience the thrill of flight in state-of-the-art machines with world-class pilots. But they have competition, right next door.

What was the ask?

Give NAC Helicopters Cape Town the digital presence that will have them positioned leagues ahead of the competition and keep them there. An open-ended request to change their business from ‘like the rest’ to the absolute best. 

How we delivered:

Any business, brand or competitive company these days needs to have a stand-out website, so that’s where we started. We dived into their business with everything we had to get a real understanding of what they were offering, who they were offering it to and what truly set them apart from the rest. 

Working closely with the whole team at NAC meant we were able to obtain valuable insights into the operations on the ground as well as key influences and differentiators in the experience. 

We then set out to match the professionalism, years of experience and premium quality the company was offering its customers to the UX provided to online potential customers. 

Starting with a complete photoshoot of the entire operation from the ground up, we captured the staff, the buildings, the operations, the machinery (world-class helicopters) and, of course, the action itself: the highest quality footage of NAC Helicopters with the stunning Mother City and surrounds as the backdrop. 

From there it was about taking that imagery and selling the experience while ensuring a high-performing website with fast load times, SEO optimisation, tonnes of helpful information and (very importantly) a sophisticated way to book a flight that would integrate with all existing procedures and their consistent walk-in clientele. And never forget, completely mobile friendly. 

Working closely with the NAC crew, we put up a site of international standard that immediately saw an upward trend in business for them and to this day we still optimise and tweak the site to evolve with new opportunities and business needs including voucher purchase, WhatsApp for Business integration, and more – all made possible through the building of a custom site that we made to be adaptable in the future. Key to any website is the ability to be able to grow, add and rework as the need arises.

But that’s not where it ended for us. We took over their social media platforms with a focus on Facebook and Instagram, as well as paid media through the boosting and promotion of engaging content, and the running of highly-targeted ads with conversion and CPC being our primary goals. We created an always-on presence for NAC that reached out to their customers, existing and potential, and tantalised their imaginations with the promise of a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the best helicopter tour company in the Cape – and beyond.

To this day, we work hand-in-hand with the team at NAC Helicopters Cape Town through thick and thin to ensure that no matter what, they remain the company to fly with. 

A website that was built over 4 years ago and still looks this good is a testament to what working in partnership can do for a highly-competitive business. 

"In an extremely difficult environment I need to make sure that NAC Helicopters remain one step ahead of the competition and Platinum Seed have helped accomplished that with ease. With the benefit of hindsight, I would have appointed Kirsten and her team much sooner and I cannot thank them enough for helping NAC Helicopters achieve the results and growth we have experienced."
- Gary Wilson – Owner NAC Helicopters