Miss Lyn
Redefining a fine linen brand




Nic Helme

Karla Kelder

Who is Miss Lyn

Started in 1986 by talented designer Lillian Currer, Miss Lyn was founded designing and manufacturing for some of the most prominent interior décor and baby stores nationally and globally. They are a destination linen shop selling 100% pure cotton bed linens, and more, in the wholesale and retail markets.

What was the ask?

Having established itself over the last 40 years or so, the brand look had begun to show its age, and it was time for a new look and feel for the linen industry giant-slayer. They came to Platinum Seed for a rebrand (new logo and positioning) to set them up for another 40 years of growth, at least.

How we delivered:

The fun part of this branding project was the area of the market we needed to play in – great quality and fine standards, but affordable and attainable for a large portion of the market. So we focussed on 2 things to breathe new life into the brand: where is Miss Lyn different and where is it the same as the competition? That’s where we could find our magic area – perfectly positioned to set ourselves apart while staying relevant to the audience.  

We created a robust brand logo, able to conform to the multitude of executions this branding-heavy company needed. Complete with a logo-mark and iconic symbol, the execution of the visual aspect of the project is able to adapt to its surroundings while still always representing the brand. 

When it comes to an all-new brand positioning, we updated the strapline as well as the tagline for the market positioning: Handmade Bedding Essentials and The Comfort of Quality, respectively. 

Both were strategically created to define the differences between Miss Lyn and the competition as well as the unique attributes within the industry.